Saori. Not only an art, it is a way of self expression.

Weave and soften the cloth

Even beginners can easily weave using a Saori.
Let the art of weaving cloth naturally relax your mind, and enjoy a pleasant moment with your instructor and friends.

Weave the memories of Shimanami freely

Working with a Saori will allow you to freely choose the combination of threads and materials, offering the unique chance to express what you felt during your journey. Thread your Shimanami feelings into a special memory and a piece of art.

The possibilities are many

Each participants can thread a range of different creations, such as tapestries and place mats.
You can also use the woven cloth to decorate your clothes and make small accessories.


Duration90 minutes
Price1,760 yen/person
Number of participants1 to 6 people
* Round-trip transportation from WAKKA and Omishima facilities. Min 2 participants
What is included
Saori weaving experience 
* Thread cost is paid separately locally (15 yen / g), usually 500 yen to 1000 yen
・ Round-trip transportation from WAKKA and Omishima Island facilities (min 2 people)
What you needUpon request: additional Materials to be added to your work such sticks and strings.
 Seashells can also be pierced and used as decorations.
VenueOmi, Omishima-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime794-1302 
*Details will be announced after booking.
Plan 1. 1. Departure from WAKKA
  ↓ 15 minutes
2. Arrival at the venue, instructions and weaving
  ↓ 60 minutes
3. Payment of extra thread.
    ↓ 15 minutes
4. Arrival at WAKKA, end
* This activity is only about weaving cloth.
 If you want to cut or tailor it, you can do it yourself at home
 The basic are taught on the day by the instructor.
Total: 60 minutes
Up to 1 week in advance
* If less than 1 week, we will try to arrange it upon request.
Up to 1 week in advance
* If less than 1 week, we will try to arrange it upon request.
Available All year round
Payment method[Experience fee]
・ Payment at WAKKA reception
(cash, various credit cards, various electronic payment methods)
・ Online payment
(various credit cards)
[Thread fee] Please pay the
used thread (15 yen / g) at the workshop
cash only )
Precautions・ Please follow the instructions.
・ Accidents and injuries during the experience are possible. Pay attention and work carefully.
・ Small children are allowed only with the supervision of adults.
・ The experience consists in weaving the cloth.
 If you want to cut or tailor it for decoration, you may do it yourself at home.
The basic weaving method is taught from the instructor on the day.

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