Same-day Delivery

Enjoy cycling free of luggage

WAKKA Same-day Delivery

from4,500JPY~/ 1 truck

Ideal for:
Transporting loads of luggage
Kuroneko-Yamato delivery is not suitable
Transporting luggage/bicycles to Okunojima(Rabbit Island),
※Matsuyama/Dogo, Hiroshima or other areas
Transporting Bicycles
Flexible transportation schedule
Pick-up service outside Omishima Island
Using public transports without bicycles

How to Use

  1. Contact us to reserve our service /
    Call us or message us for immediate support

  2. Luggage and/or bicycle pick-up,
    on the spot payment.

  3. Same day delivery of your luggage and
    /or bicycle(s)


The following price table is per truck, indepent of baggage quantity
※Please contact us for locations outside the price list.(ex:Matsuyama/Hiroshima/Okunoshima/Yumeshima Kaido/etc)

  1. case1

    From Omishima island to Ikuchijima island

    Tariff A/4,500JPY (

  2. case2

    From Onomichi to Imabari

    Tariff D/13,000JPY (

  • Capacity

    Bicycles: 10
    Small suitcases: 20
    *Actual capacity may be affected by luggage size

  • Accepted Credit Cards
    & other payment methods

    Advance payment

Prerequisite checklist
Make sure the receiving party (e.g. hotel, guesthouse) can keep and store your luggage
Bicycle capacity is subject to drastic changes when carrying more voluminous bikes such as Mama-Chari(Japanese city bike), Tandem or Recumbent.
We operate on a first come first serve basis; service may be unavailable when operation is already underway