What’s WAKKA?

WAKKA is a comprehensive facility for Shimanami tourism.
Our role is to maximize your travel experience in beautiful Shimanami Kaido by providing all services you need.

We Exist

  • To produce the BEST MEMORY in Shimanami Kaido for all the tourists.
  • To supply impression, safety, relief, convenience and cleanness.
  • To maximize the population of cyclists in Japan.
  • To support especially overseas guests, senior cyclists and family cyclists.


Company Name WAKKA Corp.
Establishment June 2018
Headquarter 6691-1 Kamiuracho Inokuchi, Imabari City, Ehime, Japan, 794-1402
Inokuchi Office 4492-2 Kamiuracho Inokuchi, Imabari City, Ehime, Japan, 794-1402
Contact +81(0)897-72-8705
Business purposes Hotel / Cafe / Travel Agency / Passenger Boat / Taxi / Freight
Travel Agency Registration Ehime 3-213
Condition of Travel Agency Business We apply Japanese Starndard General Conditions of Travel Agency Business
Order-Taking Type Organized Tour Contract Part
Capital 10 million JPY
CEO Arashi Murakami
Exective Directors Hitomi Murakami
Akira Sekine