Two trailer houses and a deck are
reserved for private use.
For corporate training
camps and groups

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Two trailer houses and a deck are
reserved for private use.
For corporate training
camps and groups

This is a private lodging building
that can accommodate a large number of people,
which is rare on the Shimanami Kaido,
for groups of up to 8 people to hold meetings,
build teamwork through cycling and
various experiences,
or enjoy luxury private rentals for families.

  1. At training camp or with family


    Unlike most accommodation rooms, this room has a fairly large area of 125 square meters, consisting of two 40-foot containers plus a private deck, and is designed to facilitate work purposes and group activities, such as meeting space and monitor rental on the deck.

  2. Increase your sense of community through BBQ and experiences/activities!

    The facilities are designed to be enjoyed by groups, but of course you can take full advantage of WAKKA's services, so you can enjoy over 20 types of experiences and activities, from cycling to cruising, as well as BBQ dinner. You can also have it.
    It is also an ideal facility for team building.

  3. There is also a kitchen, so you can stay for a long time.

    The sea is right in front of you. In addition to boat fishing, you can also enjoy experiences unique to WAKKA, such as cooking the fish you catch with a rental fishing rod.
    The refrigerator is large, so you can of course bring your own food for long stays!
    The experience of cooking as a team is also important for team building. You might see a surprising side of the participants?

  4. Bonfire pit

    At night, you can sit around a fire and enjoy the quiet Seto Inland Sea at night (until 21:00).
    You can also order drinks at the cafe. Memories shared with dear friends while watching the fire are priceless.

  5. Beds are dormitory style

    There are 4 beds per container, 8 beds in total. The structure allows men and women to be separated into containers, making it easy to accommodate large groups.
    There is also a roll screen partition so you can have a good night's sleep.

  6. Japan's best cycling support

    Japan's best cycling support

    There is a washing machine in the room. In addition, WAKKA offers 10 types of services, including not only bicycle rental, but also rental bicycle return agency, transportation by car or boat in the event of an emergency, and luggage arrangement on the day. We provide the most complete cycling support in Japan.

    Japan's best cycling support
  7. Over 20 activities

    Over 20 activities

    At WAKKA, we offer over 20 types of high-quality experiences for our guests, including various marine sports, cruising, fishing, nature experiences, agricultural experiences, cultural experiences, yoga, and mixed short tours.
    You can board the cruiser from the pier, which is a 1-minute walk from your room. There is also a shuttle bus that departs from and arrives at WAKKA to the experience location, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy the Seto Inland Sea.

    Over 20 activities

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TEL: 0897-72-8705

business hours
Closed on Tuesdays


  • Number of rooms

    1(2 trailers reserved for 1 group)

  • View

    Ocean view

  • Accommodation type

    Half board (BBQ) / Breakfast only

  • area

    Indoor 46㎡ / Private deck 20㎡

  • Capacity

    3 people
    * When using extra bed

  • Facility

    • Shower x2
    • Toilet x2
    • Kitchen
    • refrigerator
    • microwave
    • electric kettle
    • tableware/cooking utensils
    • hair dryer
    • air conditioner
    • Wifi
    • monitor

    ※Please refrain from bringing firearms into the venue.

  • Amenity

    • shampoo
    • Conditioner
    • Body Soap
    • Imabari towel
    • Room wear
    • Coffee
    • Mineral water

    ※In order to reduce plastic waste, disposable amenities are not provided in guest rooms.

  • Other

    Cribs, baby soap, and other equipment can be rented at the front desk.

  • Check in/out

    Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 10:00
    *Luggage can be stored before check-in and after check-out

  • Please note