On-site repair

Mechanical trouble?
Give us a call.

While cycling along the Shimanami cycle route, mechanical problems can happen when you least expect it.
Don’t let mechanical issues ruin your trip.
Give us a call and we’ll rush to your assistance and perform on-site repair.
We also provide taxi and cargo service.

What we repair

  • Punctured bike tires
  • Brake adjustment
  • Derailleur adjustment
  • Chain problems

※We fix bikes on-site quickly to get you back on the road, however we recommend taking your bike to a bike shop subsequently if you require further repair.


On-site repair charge + part cost = Amount due

On-site repair charges
Island Our travel time Price
Mukaishima isl/Innoshima is/Oshima is 30-40 min 5,000 JPY
Ikuchijima is/Hakatajima is 20-30 min 4,000 JPY
Omishima is 10-20 min 3,000 JPY
Parts Price(JPY)
Tube 1,000 JPY
Puncture patch 200 JPY
Tire boot patch 500 JPY
Chain link 1,000 JPY

If a taxi or freight is used together, the business trip repair fee will be reduced to 50%.


uncture in Hakatajima isl. / Tube replacement

On-site repair charge 4,000 JPY New tube 1,000 JPY =Total5,000 JPY (inc.tax)

Should your mechanical issues fall under a category that is beyond the scope of our on-site repair capabilities, you only pay 50% of the repair charge to compensate for our transportation cost and time.
If you need a taxi but are in an area not covered by our taxi service, we will recommend other taxi companies.
We offer a 50% discount on repair charges if you use our taxi or cargo service (WAKKA same day delivery).
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