At WAKKA, we make our tours to suit your needs.
We combine day trips, accommodation plans, and various activities and services to fulfill your wishes and time frame. Unique tours are waiting for you, always according to your budget, age, interests, and time.

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    Chose from a wide variety of accommodation and facilities, including hotels with hot springs, inns, and guest houses. We will support you choosing the best options for the purpose and itinerary of your trip.

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    Traveling comfortably along Shimanami requires special attention. Local public transportation may offer little information, and flights are few. Complex roads and intricate itineraries connecting countless islands, may be a limit if you truly want to see the beauty of this route. Shimanami is a special experience, and to fully discover it without stress and troubles, a professional itinerary planning is the solution to all these problems.

    We combine complex travel requests, including the use of different transportation means on more than 10 routes, including ferries, busses, taxis, cycle taxis, and sea taxis. We also provide private vehicle transfer, as well as luggage and bicycles’ transfer and we help you to find the best connect to trains and access airports to freely move without worries.

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    When you travel a big part of the adventure is… FOOD! From local fish in Setouchi, to hamburgers and BBQ, we will propose the best meal plans for the your journey, with the best places to comfortably accommodate the number of people of your group, always taking into account your itinerary, offering the best option also considering the local restaurants’ specific business hours.

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    From the standard sightseeing you definitely want to see, and the Instagram-worthy spots only visible depending on the tide, we will show you the places that can only be reached by cycling, along with the spectacular spots that only locals know. For a journey with no compromises.

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    “Discover, experience, enjoy” . These are the most important things in modern traveling. Shimanami Kaido is not only for cyclists. Experience wide variety of activities around the Shimanami Kaido, such as marine sports, farming, trekking, and cultural experiences you may only find around here,

    Our wide range of activities are conceived to best suits the needs any kind of traveller, from the backpacker to the business person. Thought for families, seniors, cyclists, couples, and non japanese speakers we are also able to offer alternative plans in case of heavy rain or unsuitable weather.

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    Imagine cycling on the Shimanami Kaido stress-free, with a cycling support ( details here ) ready to meet your needs when you need them. From beginners to experts, we offer cycling guided tours (in Japanese and English), deliver your luggage of your car to your next destination while you are cycling, and offer support on site in case of need (bicycle malfunctions, breakages. etc.) with our support cat service. Just cycle, we will take care of the rest
    Feel free to contact us if you wish to arrange training camps for bicycle teams, schools, or organize cycling events.

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A “Grand Tour” itinerary covering the area around Shimanami,
including Hiroshima, Miyajima, Matsuyama, Dogo, Fukuyama City,
Tomonoura, Imabari City, and Mt. Ishizuchi in Saijo City.
This is a comprehensive choice among Shimanami travelers
who don’t want to miss a thing yet relax during their journey.
These are only sample plans. Nevertheless,
we customize plans according to our visitors’ wishes.

  1. 01

    nights 4 days

    An essential tour that includes visits of the most important locations including Itsukushima Shrine and Dogo Onsen. This is a plan that allows to best enjoy all the attractions of this area and take a great deal of relax as well.
    From Hiroshima Airport and back.

  2. 02

    nights 4 days

    For enthusiast cyclists, this tour includes cycling along 3 Cycling routes (Shimanami Kaido / Tobishima Kaido / Yumeshima Kaido).
    This option is rich of visits to the most important tourist spots and the best sightseeing locations.
    From Onomichi Station and back

  3. 03

    nights 3 days

    This is a luxurious travel plan for enthusiast of architecture. It includes cruises, high-end hotels and various visits to many exclusive locations.
    From Matsuyama Airport and back.

  4. 04

    Day trip

    Departing from Imabari Station.Shimanami Kaido Tokoro Cycling Plan


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