[ Press Release ] “KASHO-KI”, Map, Timetable and E-ticket system for Passenger boats in Shimanami Area started

From June 1st, 2023, the travel agency WAKKA (Wakka Co., Ltd.) in Shimanami Kaido started a web system providing timetables, route maps, and E-tickets for regular routes of ferries and passenger ships around the area in multiple languages (JP / EN) .

The name of the service is KASHO-KI a dedicated smartphone site developed by WAKKA.

Famous for cycling, the Shimanami Kaido also offers short-distance boat trips on more than 20 routes with ferries and high-speed boats. This is a distinctive way of traveling in Japan that is unique to this region. However, since there are many different companies operating passengers boats in the area, matching timetables and routes, and purchasing tickets was difficult.

KASHO-KI was developed as a project of Ehime Prefecture (Jitensha Shinbunka Suishin Shitsu) in March 2023 in order to solve this problem and convey the charm of sea travel from Ehime to Hiroshima and the West Seto Inland Sea.

The name `KASHO-KI’’ is based on the “Kasho flag,‘’ a bill of passage used in the Murakami “Pirates” Kaizoku era. It was Intended for travelers to guarantee safe passage across the Seto Inland Sea, and it allowed sea travelers to sail safely and freely. This service was named this way to allow travelers to experience sea routes freely and autonomously.

1.Route maps and timetables covering the Shimanami area (available in English)

”KASHO-KI” displays more than 20 route maps covering the Shimanami Kaido area in multiple languages. 

Before the creation of this APP it was necessary to check the routes on each company’s websites which was not very easy.

2.Easy purchase and boarding with E-tickets

You can purchase e-tickets with KASHO-KI* on the routes of the Habu Shosen Group (excluding Osakikamijima) and the Karouto Ferry. The number of routes that accept E-tickets is constantly expanding, and there is also a model course sales function that allows you to purchase E-tickets collectively.

*E-tickets are intended for tourists and are not available to local residents.

3. Future expansion plans

In the future, KASHO-KI plans to expand its target area, increasing the number of routes compatible with E-tickets, add proxy purchase and advance purchase functions for agents and guides, matching the sea routes with bike sharing, to provide easy, accessible and smart mobility in accordance to MaaS policy.

[Company Profile]

 Company name: Wakka Co., Ltd.

Address: 6691-1 Iguchi, Kamiura-cho Imabari City, Ehime, Japan
Business: Hotel/Travel agency/Restaurant/Cycling Support(Taxi/Marine taxi/Cargo)
Contact for inquiries: Daisuke Kobayashi, Tourism Division
TEL: 0897-72-8705

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