3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour

3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour
3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour
3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour
3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour
3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour


3 nights Shimanami & Dogo Tour

An Immersive journey through the best cycling trail in Japan taking you to the most ancient Onsen in the country.


Easy Access from Major cities

Easily accessible from major cities in Japan with all kinds of public transportation means, the Seto Inland sea islands are the ideal destination for those who want to get off “the beaten path” and discover the beauty and warm hospitality of rural, traditional Japan, while pedaling through excellent infrastructure.


Superb bikes

Cycling is a pleasure… especially on the latest electric assisted sport bike, no matter if you are just a beginner cyclist.

This is your chance to experience a fantastic tour on possibly the best bikes out there!

Rental E-Bike

– DAY1 –
Ride from Onomichi to Omishima

The tour begins in the morning in Onomichi, a small town known for having been the set of famous Japanese movies. There you will meet your guide, set the bikes and immediately begin cycling. Our staff will take  your luggage and deliver it to your accommodation, so that you will cycle free of extra weight.

Along the route you will experience crossing two majestic bridges and admire the most breathtaking views.

There will be several short stops (for taking pictures and rent, a lunch break and and stop at a famous ice cream shop before check in.

Stay at WAKKA

Wakka is boutique hotel located in Omihsima, in the middle of the Shimanami Kaido. It is a place were you can relax, feel close to the sky, the sea and the nature. Once you arrive to Wakka you can park your bikes and enjoy your accommodation: a comfortable, stylish cottage, where to enjoy our special BBQ on the cottages’ deck, under the stars and in front of the sea.

And after a good night sleep, what could be better than a hot coffee and a tasty breakfast while enjoying the sunrise?

カフェ クロワッサン

– DAY2 –
Yumeshima Kaido

The Yumeshima Kaido is a cycling route about 30 /50km long that allows cyclist to fully immerse in nature and enjoy cycling without worrying about card or… traffic lights!

This is a cycling adventure along a less beaten cycling route along 4 islands in Kamijima town.

You will first reach Iwagi Island with our Sea Taxi and enjoy a beautiful water ride in the morning, and then discover the almost untouched nature of Kamijima Town by bike.

– DAY3 –
Complete the Shimanami Challenge and reach Imabari

You will be cycling about 35 kilometres through a well serviced path, enjoying the peaceful rural surroundings, delicious treats, enjoying views considered the most spectacular in the whole country.

On this day you will be cycling towards Imabari, crossing one of the longest and among the most scenic bridges in Japan, the Kurushima Kaikyo

Head to the most ancient Onsen city in Japan

Once you reach Imabari, we will deliver your luggage and pick up the bikes, but your journey won’t be over. You will be heading to Matsuyama, where the most ancient onsen in Japan is waiting for you for a healing, rewarding for a realing soak.
Your stay is planned at Funaya Onsen Hotel, where you will experience a stay in a more traditional Japanese inn “ryokan”.

– DAY4 –

To the airport, ferry terminal(for Hiroshima), train(for Kagawa, Okayama, Osaka) or by Bus(JR Fukuyama sta.), you can chose variety of the next destination.

About Upgrading…

You can also chose more luxuty ‘Residence’ type room at WAKKA by upgrading.

Adding Activities…

WAKKA provides more than 30 activities. If you would like to arrange the tour more order-made, please feel easy to ask us.


Price (tax excluded) Basic Tour: (2-4 persons)
* without guide

120,000 yen / person (3 nights 4 days)

*Additional charges may apply during high season (Summer Holiday(mid August), Golden Week(early May) and New year).

*Due to rental bike size, height must be over 148cm –
Meeting point JR Onomichi Station
(30 minutes from JR Fukuyama bullet train station)
Minimum number of participants2 people
Itinerary[ Day1] 35 km cycling

9:26 JR Fukuyama (Accessible from Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima)
*If heading from Kyoto, leave Kyoto at 8:09

10:07 JR Onomichi
Meet the guide
*Rental bikes delivery
*luggage transfer to WAKKA

12:30 LUNCH (Innoshima island ‘Roku’ or alternative)
13:30 Resume Cycling
15:00 ICE CREAM (Ikuchijima island)
* Icecream not included to the price
16:30 Check in WAKKA (Omishima island)
19:00 DINNER (BBQ for summer, Others in winter at WAKKA restaurant)

[ Day 2 ] 30 km cycling
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Sea Traxi to Iwagi Island
9:30 Start Cycling from Iwagi Island
12:00 Lunch (Yuge Island)
13:00 Resume Cycling
16:10 Ferry from Yuge island
16:35 Arrive to Kinoura Port (Hakata Island)
17:30 WAKKA
19:00 Restaurant in Omishima (free shuttle)
* Dinner not included to the price

[Day 3] 40 km cycling
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Start Cycling
12:30 Lunch at Sunrise Itoyama, Imabari (Kaze-no Restaurant or alternative)
13:30 Resume Cycling
14:15 Arrival to Imabari Station
14:39 Bus
* Ticket not included to the price. You can pay when get off only by cash (1200yen).
15:37 Dogo (Koen Kitaguchi Shiki Kinenkan Mae Bus station )
16:00 Check in at Hotel Funaya
* The ancient Dogo Onsen is within a walking distence

[Day 4]
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Check out
*A guided tour of Matsuyama can be arranged
*A Cycling city tour can be arranged

– Airplane: from Matsuyama Airport
(a taxi to the airport can be arranged)

– Train: from JR Matsuyama station
(Osaka is reachable by reain through Kagawa and Okayama pref.ecture, by train)

– Ferry to Hiroshima: from Matsuyama Kanko Ferry Port
(a taxi can be arranged=

– Bus to Imabari and then bus back to JR Fukuyama


– Rental bicycles, bicycle delivery and pick up, luggage transfers (DAY1 – 3)

– Boat Taxi from WAKKA to Iwagi island (DAY 2)

– Accommodation for 3 nights (WAKKA cottage 2 nights, Funaya 1 night)

– 3 Breakfast(DAY2-4)
– 3 Lunch (DAY1-3)
– 1 Dinner (DAY1 at WAKKA, BBQ or others )
ExcludedUnmentioned services, transportation and meals

– Dinner, not included for the last 2 nights

– Transportation to Onomichi (DAY1)
– Ice cream (DAY1)
– Ferry ticket to Hakata (DAY2)
– Bus ticket to Matsuyama(DAY3)
– Transportation from Dogo (DAY4)
What to take[ necessary for renting a cycle ]
-ID card (Passport, driving license, residence card or health insurance card.)
-Sport shoes

[ Good to have ]
-Drinks for cycling
-Padded shorts (for a more comfortable ride, rental possible for 500 yen)
Reservation from12 months in advance to 2 weeks before departure.
Option[ Options ]
– English cycling guide 60,000 yen/ group / day

– Upgrade to Luxury ‘Residence’ type at WAKKA
35000 yen / person (for 2 nights)

– Taxi from Imabari to Matsuyama instead of bus: 15000 yen / group

– WAKKA offers many tours and activities to make your journey even more memorable and unique. Our activities and offers
Age[ Rental Bicycle ]

-Any age. (To ride a Specialized bicycle you need to be at least 148 cm tall)

-Underage (less tna 18yo) should be accompanied by a guardian.

-Child trailers may be used for children of 35 kg or less.
Payment methodCredit card / Bank transfer
Qualification– Ehime prefecture Governor Registered travel agency no. 3-213

– WAKKA corp.(6691-1 Inokuchi Kamiuracho Imabari Ehime, Japan)

– Travel administrator: Arashi Murakami
CancellationMore than 30 days before the first day of the tour: 0%
30 days or later: 20%
14 days or later: 50%
3 days or later: 100%
Tour conductorNo tour conductor is attending on this tour
Notes[ OVERALL ]
-In case of bad weather, the cruise or cycling may be cancelled free of charge. In that case, only the accommodation will be charged.

-Respect the traffic rules and do not ride in paralel or interfere with pedestrian or other vehicles.

-In case of malfunctions or damages caused by the customer, additional fees may be charged.

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