Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)

Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)
Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)


Half day Boat Fishing (6 Hours)

You can fish by boat off the coast of Shimanami Kaido /


Depart from the Fishing Port

Starting from any desired port, board our fishing boat, and we will guide you to the captain’s recommended fishing points.
Free transportation is possible not only to Iwagi Island but also to the ports of Yumeshima Kaido on Ikina Island / Sashima / Yuge Island.
There is also a WAKKA departure / arrival plan as an option.

Fishing the Blessings of Setouchi

The pleasure of catching local fish grew up in the tides of the Seto Inland Sea is just irresistible! It is only offshore where you can catch a large fish, and, why not, take a commemorative photo!

Known for the fastest tide is fast, however the waves in the Seto Inland Sea are much milder than those in the open sea, and it is less likely to cause seasickness.

Enjoy a Big Catch!

In a good day you may bring home your big fish! Ice is available free of charge (only on Iwagi Island port).

A Luxurious Reward

The fish you catch can also be cooked at the live fish inn “Yoshimasa” on Iwagi Island.
A separate processing and cooking fee will be charged. (Estimated: 1 kg or more of fish from 1000 yen)

Duration6 hours

Chartered boat

 * Depending on the reservation situation, shared

method: Tai-Kabura Lure fishing
PriceBasic fee: 9,900 yen / person
Participants4 people ~

* 1 to 3 people can use the ship for 4 people.

 In some cases, you can participate by sharing (1 person charge).
Departure timeAfter 7 AM to 10AM
* Detailed time will be discussed at the time of booking.
It also depends on the season and reservation status.
IncludedBoarding fee, transfer to the port (Iwagi Island / Ikina Island / Sashima / Yuge Island only)

* Refer to the optional fee for transfer to WAKKA
Not includedFishing equipment (rental option available), bait, cooking costs
What you needSuitable wear
Meeting pointsIwagi Port / WAKKA / Port near Iwagi Island

* Consultation required when making a reservation
ReservationMin 2 days in advance
InactiveOn Monday
Hotel guest only on Tuesday
Optional①WAKKA transfer plan: 6,600 yen / group (one way / round trip)
 * If multiple ships leave in one group, a fee will be charged for each ship

②8 hours course: +2,200 Yen / person

③ Fishing gear set rental
 ・rental rod: 1,320 yen (tax included)
 ・Lure: 550 yen (tax included) ~

Cooking, shipping
Meal Cooking: Approximately 1,100 yen / item (tax included) ~
 ・ Preparation: 550 yen / animal (tax included)
 ・ Shipping: Varies depending on the region

* Please pay in cash on the boat
AgeElementary school students and above

* Children under the first grade of elementary school must hold the rod with their parents or guardians.
* Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
payment method[Experience fee]
Pay at WAKKA reception
(cash, various credit cards, various electronic money)

[Rental fee, cooking processing fee, shipping fee]
Please pay directly on site.
(Cash only)
Cancellation policy[From 1 week before] 50%

[The day before / on the day] 100%

* No cancellation fee will be charged if it is judged that the event cannot be held from here due to bad weather.
NOTE・ Because of the experience in nature, you may not be able to catch at all depending on the day.

・ In bad weather, we may cancel the departure.

・ In case of damage or loss of tools such as a rental rod, we will charge a compensation of 4000 yen to 20000 yen.

・ Please wear clothes that match the season and weather.

Please refrain from shoes with high hills or metal.

・ You may get hungry: please bring snacks and drinks.

・ In addition to Iwaki Port, there may be free transportation if it is a nearby port.
Please contact us at the time of booking.

・ If you bring it home as a souvenir, we will prepare ice for free.
(Only when departing from Iwagi Island and returning to the port)

・ If the lure is lost due to rooting, etc., it will be sold on board from 500 yen / piece (excluding tax).

・ If you want to load a bicycle, please consult us.

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(Line, Messenger)


In addition to calling, you can also make
requests from SNS such as LINE and Facebook.


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