Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station

Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station
Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station
Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station
Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station


Bicycle Rental SPECIALIZED Turbo Experience Station

Rent your Turbo Vado by Specialized, a leading world-class bike maker, for a superior Shimanami experience. Now you can have your ride.


Stylish, easy, performing.

Whether you are crossing a bridge, climbing a mountain,  riding a long distance, with a SPECIALIZED Turbo Vado SL, a sport-type, power assisted bicycle, it’s easy. Enjoy Shimanami cycling with the an elegant, power assisted sport bicycle equipped with the latest technology. It is highly recommended for groups with different physical strengths.

WAKKA presents: Turbo Experience Station

In co-operation with SPECIALIZED, and  exclusively for Specialized bikes owners, WAKKA offers free charging, and the possibility to rent the Range Extender for different models of Specialized bikes in order to enhance performance and comfort, while increasing distances, along with a 10% discount for food and  drinks at WAKKA Cafe.

Flat tires or  malfunctions are not a problem with us. Immediate bike swap is possible with our comprehensive cycling support. You can always rely on us.

If you get a flat tire, or  have an unexpected malfunction while cycling, WAKKA’s  cycling support will immediately reach you. and give you a courtesy bike – free of charge. In addition, WAKKA offers full support, including our Cycle TAXI for cyclists.

B-shop OCHI.  We can rely on the best.

B-shop OCHI (Saijo City), a top-class pro shop in Shikoku, carries out regular maintenance on our bikes, so you can always count on the most accurately serviced bikes.

Cycle Transfer

When you are departing from, or arriving to WAKKA, with our cycle taxi you can get your bicycle delivered to your destination by using the same-day delivery service of our cycling support for an additional fee. We can meet all your needs, such as wish to start cycling from another island or abandon any location without cycling.

The perfect after cycling

After your ride, you can use WAKKA’s free changing room and shower (discounted price 330 yen for those who rent our bicycles). Furthermore, if you use our Refresh Pack (discounted: 770 yen). Rental clothes, and laundry (wash&dry) are also included in it.


Option 1: Northern half of Omishima
Approximately 2 hours (17km)
A ride to enjoy the Oyamazumi Shrine, the Higai Pass, and the coastline of Sheng leisurely.

Option 2: 1 lap of Omishima
Approximately 3 hours (41km)
Almost the same distance of a full marathon. In addition to the northern half ride, you can enjoy the beautifully undulating coastline, coming across with museums, Tatarashimanami Park (a sanctuary for cyclists), Nonoe and Munakata, where the sunset is the best.

Option 3: Around Ikuchi Island
Approximately 3 hours (40km)
Cross the Tatara Bridge, pass through Lemon Valley, Japan’s most valued lemon producing area, from Sunset Beach to Shiomachi Shopping Street, see various sea objects, Kosanji Temple, and taste genuine gelato. It is a flat, easy-to-run, coastline itinerary that goes around the famous Dolce.

But that’s not all!

The perfect location of Omishima makes this island serve as a hub for the Geiyo Islands. Take a short-distance ferry to Okamura Island, cycle through the Tobishima Kaido (about 40km) to Kure, West of Hiroshima, or take a WAKKA sea taxi to Iwagi Island, Ikina Island, Sashima, and Yuge Island in the east. It is possible to create an infinite numbers of itineraries that begin, but not end with Shimanami Kaido. For instance, discover the “Yumeshima Kaido”, or draw your own itinerary.


If you like our bikes so much after renting it, you can buy the Turbo series E-Bike from Specialized dealers, and through online stores nationwide . If you request, we will give you a QR code to receive benefits when you purchase one.
Price before tax.


PRICE– 2000 yen / 2 hours
– 1000 yen / 1 hour for extra hours
– Up to 8 hours (8,000 yen) for a day trip
– 15,000 yen for 2 days and 1 night
– Return time is 18:00
Rental hours– 9: 00-18: 00
WAKKA guests: all the time during their stay
What is included– E-Bike (sports bike with electric assist) (SPECIALIZED Vado SL)
– Accessories (helmet, light, drink holder, key)
– Insurance
What you need– ID card (driver’s license, insurance card, student ID,   passport, etc.)
– Sport shoes
[good to have]
– Sunglasses (recommended on days with strong
– Gloves
– Padded shorts
ReservationUp tp 6 months in advance
1. Drone action camera shooting and simple editing (Coming soon)
– Contents: video shooting of the cycling experience
– Price: 11000 yen / 1 organization
– Shooting time : +60 minutes
-You get:
 – A total of 60 seconds video (resolution: HDD, 29.97fps, MP4 format) -We will send the
URL to your email address to be downloaded -Delivered by the next business day

2. Cycling guide
Price: 13,200 yen / up to 4 hours
-22,000 yen / up to 8 hours
-You can use various WAKKA services such as shower (discounted price: 330 yen),
Refresh Pack (discounted price: 770 yen) and taxi.

AvailableAll Year-round
AgeThere is no age limit, but your height must be 1.49 cm or more.
– People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18.
Payment methodsCash, various credit cards, various
electronic payments
Precautions – Please be sure to follow the traffic rules.
– Do not run in parallel or interfere with pedestrians or cars.
– If you contact us , no cancellation fee will be
charged. Cancellation without contact on the day of reservation will be charged 100%.
– Please be sure to observe the return time (18:00).
– We may charge a separate fee for any malfunction   caused by customer, or missing parts.


On the phone, through SNS, LINE and Facebook .

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