Honey Bee Apiary experience

Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience
Honey Bee Apiary experience


Honey Bee Apiary experience

Natural unheated honey, different flavors depending on the flowers, traditional beekeeping are waiting for you at the apiary in Omishima. Are you ready to enter this small yet extraordinary world?

Welcome to the Bees’ World

In the honey bee farm daily care is essential. Look inside the hive, observe thousands of hard-working bees. They will certainly impress you. Hard working and resilient, bees are also calm and focussed on their duty. Meet the bees, and learn to know them in this unique experience.

Experience Beekeeping

You will take part to the actual bee care while the  beekeeper will instruct you about how the honey making process, and how beekeeping follows the seasons.

Genuine, all Natural Honey

The nectar of Omishima flowers becomes natural honey only following the all natural, traditional preparation. This non-heated honey in the one that overflows from the apiary’s cells. Once it overflows, that’s when honey is collected. 

*Depending on the season, the experience may not include the honey collection process.

Honey Tasting

Bees make differently flavored types of honey, depending on the flowers. The flavors and aromas are always different and based on the type of flowers. Ready to delight your senses? Please enjoy the seasonal honey.

SeasonMay to June. 
Duration80 minutes 
* Depending on the Honey bee farm work schedule
PriceWith honey collection (if the season allows):
4,400 yen person

* Due to the changing condition of the apiary, the excursion may be suddenly cancelled. In that case we offer a full refund.
Number of participants1-7 people
What is What is included・ Hat
・ Insurance
・ Collection of different types on honey
What you need・ Long sleeves shirts, long trousers
 * You may change at the farm
・ Closed shoes
・ Gardening gloves
・ Something to drink
VenueMunakata, Omishima-chi, Imabari-shi, Ehime 794-1309.
 * More details will be announced after reservation
Plan1. Transfer to the apiary,
 ↓ 10 minutes 
2. Meeting the beekeper, general information
  ↓ 10 minutes
3. Tour of the apiary and beekeeping experience
  ↓ 20 minutes 
4. Collection of honey 
  ↓ 20 minutes 
5. Honey tasting 
  ↓ 20 minutues 
6. Departure from the farm

Total: 120 minutes
 * 4. It may last 90 minutes without the honey tasting experience.
Reservation  method1. 1. Contact Wakka by phone or email
2. Confirm if the apiary can host a visit 
3. We will contact you back with detailed information
ReservationUp to 2 days in advance
Age10 years old and above
* Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian
Payment methodPlease pay at WAKKA reception 
Cash, credit card, various
electronic payments
Please note If you are allergic to bees, you should not participate
· Cancelled on rainy  and windy weather.
· Honey collection depends also on the apiary’s reserve. Even during the honey season, collection may not be possible. 
· The presence or absence of the honey in the apiary is known on the same day of the event. Those who have already paid will be refunded in cash at WAKKA on the day. 
· Please follow the instructions of the beekeeper during the experience. 
· Bees are not aggressive, but in rare cases they may sting. 
· Please prepare clothes that are thick and limit skin exposure. It is also possible to change your clothes at the farm. 
· Compensation for accidents and injuries during the experience are covered by our insurance.

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