As short as only 1.4 km, reaching the peak of the mount will allow you to hike a rocky mountain and admire the wonderful view of Shimanami with a 360-degree panorama.

A great Adventure, yet Easy

Fully achieve this special scenery with this 2 hours excursion, (including travel time, departure and arrival from WAKKA).
The distance is short, and mount Anjinzan can be hiked without any experience or physical preparation. Nevertheless, on its peak you will enjoy a truthfully breathtaking sight.

The holy mountain

With a sight, you will reach Oyamazumi Shrine, dedicated to the god of sea traffic safety and mountains which offers a magnificent and sacred view.

Duration2 hours
Price (tax included)3,300 yen/person
Number of participants2-9 people
Departure time9:00~16:00 (Also depending on sunset time)
What is included
Round transportation from WAKKA
・ Guide (English available)
・ Cane (rental to applicants)
・ Insurance
What you need・Comfortable clothes
・Comfortable shoes (sneakers / trekking shoes)
*Beware of slippery parts
Plan1. WAKKA departure (car)
  ↓ 20 minutes
2. Start trekking
  ↓ 80 minutes
3. finish
  ↓ 20 minutes
4. Arrival at WAKKA (car)
Total: 2 hours
Reservation3 months in advance up to 1 hour before departure time
*Depending in the guide’s availability
Optional① Drone ・ Action camera shooting ・ Simple editing
 fee: 8,800 yen / group
 ・ 60 seconds total video (resolution: HDD, 29.97fps, MP4 format)
 ・ We will send a cloud URL to your email address to download it. Delivery within the next 3 business days.
② Washigatozan sightseeing point
 fee: 550 yen / person
 time: +30 minutes

SeasonAll year round
AgeJunior high school students and above
Payment methodAt WAKKA reception
Cash, credit card, electronic payment
Please note・ Limited availability.  As soon as the maximum number of people is reached reservations will be closed.
・ The event may not be held depending on the availability of guides.
・ Cancelled in case of rain or strong wind.
・ Please note that there will be no insurance if the event is held on the same day of reservation.

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