A private cruise to Okuno Island. Known as ‘Rabbit Island’ for its curious history, it’s a place where you can cycle, meet thousands of rabbits and learn about the island’s history.


Enjoy another exclusive Shimanami attraction from the sea

We will sail to Okunoshima on a WAKKA chartered boat whenever you wish!
You can see the cute silhouette of Kokuno Island up close. Drone photography is possible and gives you incredible views typical of the surroundings of Tatara Bridge.

Surrounded by rabbits, let’s have a stroll on a small island rich of history and stories.

While you may have the chance to feed about 1,000 rabbits living on the island, you can also leisurely cycle for about 5km around this nature-rich island. Enjoy the gentle flow of time and discover the mysterious history of Okuno Island.

The history of the poison gas factory revealed

During World War II, Okunoshima hosted a secret military poison gas factory. Learn about the Island’s history, see the ruins of its now abandoned facilities, and visit the poison gas museum. 



Duration90 minutes
Price7700 yen/person
* 5300 yen for elementary school students
* Free for preschoolers
Number of participants2~9 people
Upon agreement
What is included・ Cruise
・ Rabbit food
・ Insurance
What you need・Nothing special
Plan1. 1. WAKKA Departure (cruise)
  ↓ 20 minutes
2. Okunoshima sightseeing
  ↓ 50 minutes
3. Depart Okunoshima (cruise)
  ↓ 20 minutes
4. WAKKA  arrival

Total: 90 minutes
ReservationOn the same day (or a day in advance)
Optional1. 1. Drone action camera shooting and simple editing
 fee: 5000 yen/ 1 organization
 Time: +15minutes
 - a total of60 seconds of the video: (resolution HDD, 29.97fps, MP4 format)
 we will send and e-mail with to the cloud URL , Please download
 ・ Delivery by the next business day
2. Cycling guide
 fee: 3000 yen/ group
 time: 80minutes in OkunoIsland
3. Bicycle rent
 For bicycle rental page click here
4. Tatara Bridge approach
 fee: 2000 yen/ group
 time: +15minutes onctents:
Return after approaching Tatara Bridge on the way back
AvailableAll year round
AgeAny age
Payment methodAt WAKKA reception
Cash, various credit cards, various electronic payment methods

Please noteIt will be cancelled in case of rain
・ The basic plan does not include a cycling guide, so you will be able to enjoy the island autonomously.
・ Ride carefully and avoid coming into contact with rabbits or pedestrians while cycling on the island.
・ No insurance can be provided if the activity is reserved the same day.
・ It is prohibited to bring in or take out rabbits and other living creatures.

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