Fishing Rod Rental

Fishing Rod Rental


Fishing Rod Rental

If you want to relax, feel the majestic peace only the sea can give, and spend some fund time with your family, there’s nothing better than fishing on shore.


Go empty handed, just enjoy the moment!

There’s no need to bring anything with you. Just enjoy fishing from the land with our rental rod and reel.

All you need, even when you want to ship your fish back home!

We sell gimmicks and frozen baits for throw-fishing and lures as well. You can come empty-handed and just enjoy fishing.
If you want to fish at an ideal fishing spot, we also recommend using Omishima Fishing Park. And if you fishing is successful, you can pack your fish in a styrofoam box.


Rental time1 day
IncludesLoan rod, loan tool box
Price (tax included)Rental rod 1000 yen / day
Rental life jacket 500 yen / day
Styrofoam 500 yen

Device throw
 fishing 500 yen
 Body device 500 yen

Artificial bait 800 yen
 Frozen krill 500 yen
 Frozen sand lance 500 yen
 Small lure 800 yen
 Soft lure 500 yen

ParticipantsMax. 2 people
Available10: 00-17: 00 

* HOTEL Guests can accept until 18:00
Not availableTuesday
Payment method(cash, credit card, electronic payment)
at the WAKKA reception


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