Omishima Fishing Park

Omishima Fishing Park
Omishima Fishing Park


Omishima Fishing Park

Fishing is a pleasure to be enjoyed without stress. Come empty ended, and enjoy your fishing time at Omishima Fishing Park’s pier, you may also have a pick-nick while facing the beauty of the Seto sea.

The Pier

For a great view and little bit of challenge, try the pier. About 50 metres offshore, these piers allow fishing in relatively deep waters while the view is absolutely amazing.

No time, or simply no luck? No worries, there is aways a shortcut!

If you have no time, or you didn’t catch enough, the fishing pool is there to save your day. While you still have to throw to catch, the chances to take home a big fish are much higher. 

Fresh Fish for your Dish

Fish is to be eaten fresh. Enjoy the double satisfaction of eating the fresh fish you just caught!

* For those who use the fishing pond, simple processing is also available.

Go empty-handed! The equipment can be rented

Rods, buckets, bait and all you may need is available at the part for rent. All you need is comfortable clothes.
If you wish to keep your fish cool and preserve it well during your way home, a box full of ice can be bought for 300 JPY.

DurationPier 3.6 hours, pool 1 hour or max 2 fish.
Children: 2,000yen / person
Participantno limit

What you needComfortable clothes (consider wind proof and water resistant clothes)
・ Towels
Snacks or meals, and drinks for the pick-nick・(Vending machine available)
Meeting at
WAKKA reception
1. Meeting at WAKKA, then to the venue

5 minutes

2. Arrival at Omishima Fishing Park, explanation

5 minutes

3. Fishing

4. End—————–Total: minutes 1-6 hours depending on your wishes.

OptionalThe fish you catch can be cooked at the izakaya
Kitsune no Botan. (Reservation required, extra charge)
Reservation 1 contact WAKKA by email or phone with the desired date.

2. We will confirm availability and let you know if possibl, we will inform you about the detailed location, start time, payment method, etc. and confirm the reservation
Reser vation deadlineUp tp the same day
*Confirmation required
AvailableAlöl Year round
* Please consider that from January to March the chances of a catch are extremely low.
AgeElementary school students and above
*Minors should be accompanied by a guardian
Payment method・ Payment at WAKKA reception
(Cash, Credit card, electronic Payment)
・ ONLINE payment
(credit card)
Please note

Cancelled in case of rain

Contact Us

Contact us directly by phone or Messaging service
(Line, Messenger)


In addition to calling, you can also make
requests from SNS such as LINE and Facebook.


OPEN 9:00~18:00 CLOSED Tue.